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Here at XTEK, we understand the pressures of balancing your company’s data needs with your balance sheet. With over 16 years of experience working with all the major hardware and software vendors, we’ve learned a few things about right-sizing an organizations network.


XTEK Partner’s expert technicians and sales representatives have decades of experience in security camera installation and configuration to help you get your surveillance system up and running. 

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations throughout the Ohio region with CCTV designs. CCTV Security solutions are much more than simply hanging cameras. In-depth design considerations must be made to ensure a properly configured system.

At XTEK, this is a core solution for us. We fully understand the network needs, the NVR requirements, and the need to spec the correct camera for each location. We train your staff and offer options for XTEK to manage all or parts of your system.


Today, everyone just expects WiFi to work – Period. Organizations have become increasingly dependent on their connections as more and more applications are moving to the cloud. 

As your organization grows, your wireless network should grow with you. Your wireless network needs to be able to handle changing security and internet connectivity demands. It should also be designed to perform properly within your unique environment. 

XTEK Partners has extensive experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining Wireless Networks and has deployed literally thousands of endpoints for all sizes of organizations. Contact XTEK for a site survey or assessment of your current wireless environment and suggested updates.


Security in general and network security specifically, has always been a top IT initiative. With the increase in endpoints on the network (wired and wireless) and connected IoT devices, never has this been as critical as it is in today’s connected world. Plus, it is only going to become more complex in the future! 

IT Managers know Network Security is much more than installing a firewall. Whether you have already implemented some security measures or are still figuring out where to start, the important thing to know is that cybersecurity is an ongoing process that must continue to evolve. 

At XTEK, we take a holistic approach to network security when working with our customers. Let us share our expertise, along with industry insights to help provide solutions for your organization.


Your network infrastructure is the foundation of a solid IT strategy and the key to your organization’s daily operations. The efficiency of your network is crucial for providing safe, reliable services to your end users. XTEK’s team of certified network design and installation engineers provide the highest level of support that will boost your network’s efficiency. We offer ‘best of breed” products tested for world class service. 

XTEK Partners is a trusted partner of leading technology developers and vendors like Cisco, Ruckus, Meraki, Aruba and HPE. This enables us to offer our customers crucial components for their network infrastructure. No matter if you are a large multi-site organization or are a small/medium business, you’ll have access to the network components that are right for you with service and support you can count on. 

Contact XTEK for a complete network analysis to see how we can help.


Today’s Data Centers are a mix of fully on premise, fully in the cloud or a hybrid of both. Compute, storage, and network are blended with multiple solutions and options allowing any size organization to enjoy the benefits of flexibility and scalability. 

Sizing your data center is a complex task and predicting future needs is near impossible yet, these are factors which must be considered when deciding on solutions for your organization. 

XTEK Partner’s engineers can help by designing best-in-class solutions for your data center. From racks, servers, storage, UPS’s and security, to power and cooling; let XTEK assist you in this critical IT area and if needed, manage parts or all of your data center.

XTEK Partner’s, “The only IT company you will ever need!”

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We Can Help

Networking and Data Centers are complicated to design, set up and maintain, so, for your organization’s needs, contact XTEK Partners. Our experienced and certified engineers provide initial assessments, design, installation, and consultant services. 

We have a variety of management and service options for day-2 support. The needs of every organization are different, and therefore we work with each client to set up a solution tailored to your specific environment and budget. We are an award-winning company, Ohio based, with a regional footprint. We very much care about our clients and pride ourselves in our flexibility and responsiveness. 

Contact us today and discover how XTEK can help your organization.


Our team will approach your project and cover it from start to finish with full dedication and expertise.

The Top 3 Reasons Small and Medium Size Businesses Are Adopting Managed Services

Enhanced Security

The fear of data loss or a breach of customer data is a primary concern in today’s tech landscape.

A Proactive Approach to IT

The simple fact that small and mid-size businesses no longer want to worry about the state of their tech, data loss, or network function.

Maximize Uptime

Limit the possibility that a disastrous downtime incident will impact long term profitability.


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