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XTEK Partners built its business around devices. Our complete “life cycle” processes allow your organization to focus on other critical IT tasks while XTEK handles the preparation, management and repairs for your end-user devices.


Many organizations have inaccurate asset tracking and management. Over time, databases are not maintained, and information is outdated. For security and budgetary reasons, it is important to have accurate records, yet this IT task takes a low priority with the increased workload of IT. 

XTEK offers an option to fully manage our clients’ asset inventory. This would include laptops, desktops, and other end user devices. This is typically accomplished during our imaging and deployment process as we capture any data the client wishes such as username, location, serial number, model number, and image information to your asset database. The information and reports are available to our clients live, at any time. 

Although clients have the option to purchase product elsewhere and have XTEK provide only the management and services; there are two key benefits to purchasing the hardware from XTEK. First, XTEK can leverage hardware purchases to bundle services at a lower cost and secondly, it makes the process flow smoother because only one company is involved. This eliminates inefficiencies, provides better communication and ultimately is more effective.


XTEK Partners is a certified repair facility for major manufacturers including HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer. Manufacturers require strict certification and repair standards and Xtek technicians are highly trained personnel who know how to correctly diagnose and repair these products. We only use OEM certified parts for warranty repair. By using a certified repair center, such as XTEK, you are assured your device will be repaired correctly and per manufacturer required standards. Further, turn-around times are typically improved using our local facility. 

If your device is out of warranty, XTEK can help here too. Our diagnostic tools can quicky determine the cost to repair a unit not in warranty so your organization can determine if it is economically feasible to repair or replace. Many times, we can repair these units quickly and inexpensively, saving you time and money. Finally, we understand budgets are tight and organizations extend their recycle schedules, exceeding the manufacturer warranty periods. For units out of warranty, XTEK provides an option for 3rd party warranties to cover these devices during these extended periods. 

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XTEK Partners Device Management & Repair Services

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The Top 3 Reasons Small and Medium Size Businesses Are Adopting Managed Services

Enhanced Security

The fear of data loss or a breach of customer data is a primary concern in today’s tech landscape.

A Proactive Approach to IT

The simple fact that small and mid-size businesses no longer want to worry about the state of their tech, data loss, or network function.

Maximize Uptime

Limit the possibility that a disastrous downtime incident will impact long term profitability.


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