XTEK’s Structured Cabling Division assists organizations in the design, installation and management of a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses.

Protect your business today and in the Future with scalable, flexible solutions which provide maximum performance and growth. Proper cabling architecture is complex. Dramatic differences in throughput are realized simply in the difference of design and installation. 

XTEK’s data network cabling engineers have the experience and skills to install your networks correctly with guaranteed and verifiable results.


The structured cabling infrastructure is the most critical part of your network, choosing a qualified provider is an important decision. 

XTEK’s goal is to provide our customers the latest designs in copper and fiber data networks using the only certified installers and “best of breed” manufacturers. 

XTEK can install a complete data cabling solution with exceptional support during and after the installation.


In virtually any network, clients have multiple data closest. Smaller closets (IDF’s) connect to the Main (MDF), sometimes called the Data Center. Designing the actual IDF’s and MDF’s along with the connectivity between is not trivial.

Consideration for maximum throughput is balanced with future potential growth needs. From basic patch panels to fiber components to rack systems and power needs; these designs are extremely important. 

XTEK’s experience in this area is unparalleled. We have two RCCD certified designers on staff to ensure your design is correct and certified.


Connect your business with the performance and flexibility of Fiber Networks installed by XTEK’s highly experienced engineers. 

Be ready to support new technologies and applications, create a more consistent experience for your customers and employees while future proofing your network. 

Partnering with XTEK means you are aligned with a company that truly cares about your organization and the need for you to have a trouble free, high performing design. Fiber, from XTEK, provides a great way to deliver the best performance available today.

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Selecting the right IT company to partner with is a challenge especially when it comes to your data network. Design and installation errors are not always immediately evident. 

A poorly installed network may seem to work fine at first then, over time, latency and performance issues might occur. Anyone can run a cable from point A to point B; however, things like pathways, terminations, wire bend radius and many other factors must be constantly considered. 

Using certified components and certified installers guarantee your network will have optimal performance now and in the future. XTEK is that partner. Contact us and discover how we can assist your organization as we’ve done many others!


Our team will approach your project and cover it from start to finish with full dedication and expertise.

The Top 3 Reasons Small and Medium Size Businesses Are Adopting Managed Services

Enhanced Security

The fear of data loss or a breach of customer data is a primary concern in today’s tech landscape.

A Proactive Approach to IT

The simple fact that small and mid-size businesses no longer want to worry about the state of their tech, data loss, or network function.

Maximize Uptime

Limit the possibility that a disastrous downtime incident will impact long term profitability.


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